Where Networks Meet, Value Grows

Nearbound Networks fosters growth by connecting your business, partners, members and customers, through a single integrated platform

Enable a loyalty program for your company

Deepen your relationship with your customers by establishing a personalised loyalty programme tailored to reward their continued support and enhance their overall experience with your brand.

Reward your loyal customers and members

Recognise your customers' loyalty by rewarding them with points earned from purchases. These points can be redeemed for your products, or products from your partners, or across a marketplace featuring their favourite brands.

Drive Growth by adding value for partners & customers

Create value for your partners by showcasing their products prominently in your loyalty programme. Encourage customer loyalty to your brand through discounted pricing and points for every purchase made.

The Nearbound Networks Platform

The Nearbound Networks platform is where Your Members can redeem points or purchase products, services, events and exclusive offers supplied by your Organisation’s Business Partners, Associations and Industry Affiliates – or via our marketplace containing all your favourite products.

Our platform connects directly into your CRM so that customer data is all stored in a single secure location, and automatically syncs so your customers have a real time view of their accounts.

With the ability to apply your custom branding and rewards tiers, Nearbound Networks is a surefire way to drive a high level of engagement with your customers and partners.

The way people interact with businesses has changed

Nearbound Networks understands the way that people interact with businesses has changed. They are loyal to the brands that best align with their interests and make their lives easier.

Now more than ever, organisations need to go online to connect with their members, partners, and staff. But many lack the resources to create that link in a sustainable way.

Nearbound Networks has the solution you need to drive grows while rewarding your customers and partners for their ongoing support.

Integrate With All Of Your Favourite Systems

Each of the Nearbound Networks modules can be integrated as a complete ecosystem and also digitally connected with your core back-end systems including;

  • CRM’s
  • HRM & Staff Platforms
  • Events/Ticket Management
  • Marketing Platforms
  • Project Management
  • eCommerce

Frequently Asked Questions

As the Nearbound Networks platform is modular and cloud-based, we can implement a solution for your business in as little as 1-month, depending on the module/s you choose and your business specifications.

No, you can simply choose the modules that suit your business needs and budget, and simply add on other Nearbound Networks modules as your requirements expand and your business grows.